2017 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale Canceled

It's with much regret that we announce our cancellation of our 2017 Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. 

We've undergone some major changes recently, including upgrading our website, expanding our inventory, and trying out a new supplier for our shirts, which make up the bulk of our inventory. Unfortunately, we found the supplier's test shirts to be below our standards and despite our best efforts, found we could not resolve this issue before Black Friday. Because we know you expect the best from us, we decided it would be in everyone's best interest to cancel this week's sale. 

There's some good news, however: We'll still be holding our holiday sale from December 1-11, and will let everyone know the details as soon as we can. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and in the meantime, we still encourage you to check out our updated inventory, especially our phone cases, mugs, pillows, and other non-clothing items, for a faster shopping experience in December! 

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