Nine 2-Minute Methods for Self-Love

Committing to love yourself more is fantastic, but when life gets stressful, it's easy to slip back into self-criticism and negativity. Never fear! Here are some quick exercises for when you just can't catch a break.

  1. Balance out dislikes with likes. 
    Create a list of what you don't like about yourself: your stomach, your hair, etc. Count how many items you have, then try to match or exceed that number with things you do like about yourself. Personality traits also count!

  2. Record your successes. 
    This one expands on the previous method. Recollect and write down everything you've ever done that makes you proud, even events from way back when. Feel free to add elements from the first exercise such as favorite traits and body parts, and look back at this list when you need to love yourself. 

  3. Decide to let it go. 
    This one only takes a moment! The next time a negative thought or memory comes up, call out your inner critic and tell yourself it won't affect your self-worth. Repeat this every time the thought comes back. 

  4. Put up positive affirmations.
    Break out those Post-Its and write statements like "I am more beautiful than I think" and "I will succeed." Stick them to your mirror, where your self-image is often attacked the most, or attach them above your bed so you can see them before you sleep. 

  5. Take a moment to freshen up. 
    If you're feeling drained or just icky, washing your face or showering works wonders in helping you recharge. Try using your favorite skincare products and finishing up with your favorite perfume if you like. You'll feel much better afterward! 

  6. Read inspiring or comforting quotes. 
    Sometimes we just need to know that we're perfectly loveable as we are. Take Google for a run and watch the positivity pile up! As a bonus, record your favorites in a notebook and flip through it whenever you need to be reminded of how FAWM you are. 

  7. Take a break to just relax. is perfect for this! Just click, turn up the volume, plug in your headphones if needed, and tune out for a bit. On a related note, meditation is a powerful tool for self-love and mental wellness, and anybody can do it regardless of age or religious background! We strongly recommend trying it out.

  8. Practice gratitude. 
    Many of us deny ourselves happiness by not valuing the everyday things which are just as important. So go ahead and write down everything you're grateful for right now, whether it's the nice weather outside, being able to pay the bills, or coffee. Many people transformed their outlook after starting to do this every day!

  9. Treat yourself. Seriously. 
    There's NO shame in indulging from time to time, regardless of your weight! Go ahead, have that cookie or ice cream. It tastes delicious, and you definitely deserve it. 

And there you have it! We hope you find these methods helpful for incorporating self-love into your everyday life, no matter how hectic, stressed, or low-energy you happen to be! 

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