FAWM Girls Wrap-Up + A Visit from Mrs. Tennessee!

Our FAWM Girls fall session recently wrapped up and it was a big success! We crowned five smart, spunky girls as new FAWM Princesses, now equipped with tools and strategies to combat bullying and low self-esteem and take new steps toward loving themselves! 

Of course, no "princess"-themed program is complete without a real, live princess, and we were so lucky to be visited in one of our sessions by beauty queen LaShan Dixon, aka Mrs. Tennessee 2017! Our five girls loved hearing her talk about self-realization and inner beauty while sporting her pageant banner and tiara: 

"I want to tell young ladies the important of loving yourself from the inside out, and the importance of really finding yourself, and the importance of time...one of my huge [slogans] is 'eighty-six thousand, four hundred,' which is the amount of seconds in a day, so make sure you utilize the most of your [time]."

LaShan Dixon has also been involved with Beauty Behind Bars, a conference recognized by the U.S. Senate and Congress for its work on liberating women and girls from the self-imprisonment that comes with low self-esteem, doubt, depression, suicide, etc. 

Interested in signing up your daughter or loved one for our next FAWM Girls session? Email us at wearefawm@gmail.com!


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