Tutu (Youth Size)
Tutu (Youth Size)

Tutu (Youth Size)

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Tutus are no longer limited to the ballet studio! Our founder Cameo Bobo is known for wearing these with our FAWM T-shirts for a truly unforgettable outfit, and we featured these in our FAWMFest fashion show to great effect, too! Made with premium tulle with a comfortable texture for a practical, durable, and memorable statement piece, this is a unique accessory great for dance parties, performances, cosplay, or for gifting to someone you think is FAWM! Available in Red and Purple, with more colors coming soon!
- Material: Polyester Grenadine
- Length: Approx. 18 inches
- 18-in. elastic waistband (stretchable to about 3.3 ft)
- High quality, durable, and comfortable to wear!
- Delicate and chic stitching with stylish design and color