We believe that every girl is FAWM (Fearfully And Wonderfully Made): a beautiful, unique princess.

We're spreading the FAWM message of self-love and confidence to girls, teens and moms all over the universe!  

 Meet our FAWM Founder and CEO

Hi, I'm Cameo!

I believe it is very important for girls to love themselves inside and out, have confidence and to know they were made to be respected. I also believe that with the right support system and self-image, it is possible for girls to achieve their dreams. 

Here's my story: I grew up as the only girl and the oldest sibling in my family. During my adolescent years, I encountered teasing, peer pressure, and had many questions. MY parents were great, but our "talks" weren't taken as seriously as I needed, and I longed many times for an older sister who could offer advice and companionship. When I turned to my friends, they either didn't have any suggestions, or they had the wrong answers. Ultimately, I was led down the wrong path in some areas of my life, and ended up learning some lessons the hard way. Those experiences caused me pain during my teen and  college years. Thankfully that's not where my story ends! 

After much soul-seeking, reading, and listening to speakers such as Joyce Meyer, I discovered that I was FAWM - Fearfully And Wonderfully Made! To me, this means that I am a princess: unique, beautiful, and made to be respected and marked by God to be successful!  With the understanding and revelation of the FAWM message, I confronted the emotional pains of my past, my self-love issues, and unhealthy relationships and came out free and whole!  With this newfound hope, freedom and confidence, I wanted to share my story and what I'd learned with others. That's why I started We Are FAWM!

I'm determine to encourage girls with the FAWM message and support them as their FAWM sister. Through the We Are FAWM sisterhood, we offer girls advice in self-love, confidence, friendships, bullying, peer pressure and more.  Join me! Together, We Are FAWM!  


Cameo is the founder of We Are FAWM. A fashion entrepreneur, speaker, and writer with a passion for bringing out confidence and self-love in others, she has worked with Gospel Music Ambassador Bobby Jones and numerous others. 

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